Villa Aiolos

Apartments to let

Villa Aiolos

In the entry of the peninsula of Sithonia, in Psakoudia -Chalkidiki- in the most beautiful beach of Ormylia, resides the block of apartments to let Aiolos. A block of apartments just on the shore of the beach.

The apartments

The block (built on 2005) consists of fully furnished apartments, with balconies with a view on the beach. There you can enjoy your holiday, in a place that the garden leads to the shore. All apartments are equipped with 4 beds and central air-conditioning system. See the Photos

The surroundings – Chalkidiki

Psakoudia, are very famous about their natural beauty but also for their good placement. From there, visitors, can visit almost all of the remarkable sites of Chalkidiki(Kassandra, Sithonia, mountain Athos, southern Chalkidiki). Psakoudia are just 80 kilometers away from Thessaloniki Airport.

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